Nestled between the Country Club and East Seventh Avenue Historic Districts, Shops on 6th Avenue is an eclectic collection of locally-owned, one of a kind businesses which officially established themselves as a shopping district in 2019. But don’t let the recent date of establishment fool you, the businesses that stretch from Josephine Street to St. Paul Street on 6th Avenue have a rich history.

Both family-owned Denver Divers and Cherry Creek Shade & Drape have been in their same locations for over 50 years, and Hair People, also family-owned has been on 6th Avenue for over 40 years. In addition, Apothecary Tinctura, Anjevine Custom Jewelry, the Truffle Cheese Shop, and Barolo Grill have also been on 6th for over 20 years, with many other businesses along the Avenue not far behind.

This long history in our Denver neighborhood inspired Maree Chavez, owner of Hair People, to reach out to all the businesses along 6th Avenue to establish ourselves as a local shopping destination. We like to think of ourselves as THE place to come in East Denver. While you are visiting one of us, don’t forget to check out our neighbors – we look forward to seeing you!